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Note: I am preparing to take parental leave from June 2024-June 2025;
if you would like to be informed of my return to practice & upcoming offerings, please subscribe below or join the waitlist for therapy, consultation or practice groups. 
Join me on a transformative journey
towards healing, growth & inner harmony.


Individual IFS Therapy

Guided by the principles of IFS, individual therapy sessions create a safe and nurturing space for you to explore the depths of your inner world, cultivate understanding and heal emotional wounds. Through this transformative approach, we work collaboratively to uncover the wisdom of your internal system, harmonize conflicting parts, and foster lasting healing & growth. Step into a journey of profound self-discovery and transformation with individual IFS therapy.

Note: my practice is currently full & I am unable to take on new clients; sign up for the waitlist if you'd like to stay informed of openings or join IFS & Money course.  

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IFS Consultation Groups

Deepen your understanding of IFS in a supportive community. IFS Consultation Groups offer dynamic and collaborative space for growth, with six sessions per term. Limited to four participants per group, you'll experience a focused and intimate setting to explore IFS concepts and applications. Hosted every other week for 90 minutes, sessions allow for rich discussions & case consultations. Join our transformative journey of learning and professional development.

Note: Fall groups are currently filled. Next round starts January 2024. Sign up for the interest list to stay informed. Expand your IFS practice and connect with like-minded professionals.



IFS Practice Groups

IFS Practice Groups offer a supportive and engaging space for deepening your IFS practice.  During our 90-minute sessions, you'll have 50 minutes dedicated to guided IFS practice, followed by a valuable debrief period. This allows you to integrate the practice, receive feedback, and ask questions to further enhance your understanding. These practice groups offer you an opportunity to refine your IFS skills in an encouraging environment while receiving guidance and support from an experienced facilitator. Sign up to strengthen your IFS practice, connect with a community of fellow practitioners, and embark on a transformative journey of growth and self-discovery.



Discover comprehensive courses designed to empower your personal & professional growth. Dive into the art of Internal Family Systems (IFS) as a practitioner or explore specialized courses on financial wellness. Embark on a transformative learning journey with us today.



Stepping Stones is a course for practitioners, introducing the model of Internal Family Systems (IFS). Engage in a dynamic learning experience with didactics, group consultations, and practice sessions, empowering you to skillfully apply IFS in your therapeutic practice.


IFS & MONEY: Financial Wellness Course

Money Mapping Financial Wellness combines the power of group workshops and individual therapy, merging principles of IFS and financial psychology. Discover transformative insights and practical tools to foster a healthier relationship with money and cultivate long-term financial well-being.

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