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Money Mapping 


Financial Wellness for Compassionate Folks 
in Helping Professions



We believe that transformation is a 2 step process: inner healing followed by meaningful action.  


Robyn works as a psychotherapist, applying her MA in Spirituality and Counselling to help clients navigate their healing journey.  Angela is a Certified Executive Coach and Trauma of Money Facilitator who supports entrepreneurial women in bringing vision into reality. 


Together we combine an introspective, compassionate approach to healing + self development, imparting the tools necessary to see inner transformation enacted in the outer world.  


from  past  participants
"The time and care that was put into this course was very evident. Each session had a lot of takeaways and the group discussions lead to a lot profound gold nuggets. The course definitely went deeper than I initially expected and the 1:1 therapy and coaching sessions were amazing."


The course alternates weekly between group workshops & individual therapy/coaching sessions. Group workshops explore ideas & concepts from financial psychology through the lens of IFS & parts; individual sessions offer the space to go deeper. Themes & topics of group sessions are listed below. 

01. Orientation 

Group workshop to review course framework, group pledge and shared practices. After housekeeping we dive into financial psychology + money parts

02. Money & Trauma

Group workshop covering the impact of psychological distress on our finances; exploring the individual & collective traumas that shape our relationship with money.

03. Values & Vision

Group workshop exploring the distinction between money and wealth, distilling personal core values, creating a financial vision and a financial purpose statement.

04. Blocks & Burdens

Group workshop reflecting on the various internal, external and systemic barriers that influence financial disorders and shape our relationships with money.

05.  Buffet Of Resonance 

Group workshop reflecting on financial behaviours as 'congruent' or 'incongruent'; designing practices & habits that create resonance towards our financial vision.

06.  Cycles of Scarcity

Group workshop exploring the psychological impacts of scarcity and the importance of integrating the spectrum of human experiences into our vision of wealth 

07.  Lost & Crowned

Closing ceremony; a celebration of the work so far! Reflecting our journey & setting intentions for the months & years ahead.

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